Our mission

Moving houses is considered one of the most stressful things in life. We set up schneller-umzug 2 years ago with a mission to make this experience as pleasant and worry free as possible while always keeping in my mind one of our principles in life. What can we do to minimize our negative impact on the environment? We decided to do our share and lend you the moving boxes free of charge and use them again instead of selling them to you.

We want to ensure that we are there for you, covering your needs and facing all the concerns and doubts you may have, before and during your move. We are a multilingual team speaking English, German, Spanish, Greek and Persian. Ourselves also have had to move not only in Switzerland but between countries, with families and we have experienced the stress. We had to cross this path and now we are prepared to do it with you.

Our team members share our values and mission and help us ensure our success with their extensive experience while we, as management team never fail to remind them the different needs and urgencies between families and business.

We aim to be punctual, effective and efficient.  We want to be there.